Connecting Canvas and Intuit QuickBase

QuickBase is a great data management tool. Canvas is a great tool for capturing data in the field and for replacing paper forms. Why not have an easy way to manage all that data you’ve captured in the field.

That’s where our cool tool called Grapevine comes into play. Grapevine lives in the cloud and runs automatically at a time interval decided by you. It pulls the data you’ve entered from your Canvas apps into your QuickBase applications. Simple as that.

Why use Grapevine when there is QuickBase Mobile?

  • QuickBase Mobile is limited
  • Canvas lets you take photos
  • Canvas lets you capture signatures
  • Canvas lets you capture GPS coordinates
  • And all that can be included in your QuickBase application!

Canvas also allows you to capture data even when your mobile device is out of a coverage area – so now you can collect data for QuickBase when you’re not on-line!

One time set-up fee of $199-$249 per Canvas app then only $99 per month for the Grapevine service for up to three Canvas apps!

Take a look at Grapevine in the Canvas app store and contact us to get you started sending your data down the Grapevine!

Watch a short video about Grapevine here