It’s all about storytelling – telling the right story to the right people at the right time. By pairing stories with results-based data, you can create a compelling message for donors that personalizes the mission and demonstrates effectiveness, and thus persuade them to make a financial investment.

Development communications must simultaneously consider the audience and the vehicle.  Each tool offers unique donor outreach opportunities.  Dovetail has experience with grant proposals, major donor appeals, annual fund solicitations, infographics, annual reports, website content and newsletters – and related projects including data analysis and outcomes measurement.  Dovetail can coordinate all aspects of communications production including design and printing.

Grant Proposals – Starting with thorough prospect research, proposals are developed to strategically match the organization’s fundraising needs with funders’ priorities. Fundraising must be guided by program goals.  We work closely with program staff to clearly represent an agency’s projects to donors for successful fundraising.  Dovetail is experienced in managing all aspects of the grant application process, including research, stewardship, proposal development, tracking and reporting.

Major Donor and Annual Appeals – Regardless of what amount constitutes a major gift for your organization, major donors should be given special attention – cultivation, individualized solicitation and tailored proposals. At the same time, annual fund appeals need to be thoughtful and targeted – donors of different ages require specific types of communications – letters in the mail, facebook appeals with online donation options, and social media outreach. It may sound complicated, but with a good plan in place, the process can be smooth and efficient.

Annual Reports – A summary of the organization’s past success can be paired with a look at the future.  This is not only your opportunity to highlight donors’ support but also a chance to position your organization and its strategic direction.